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Corkscrew Vine, Vigna caracalla #4436

Corkscrew Vine
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  • Beautifully exotic, with a fragrance like jasmine, this plant was originally discovered in Venezuela.
  • Corkscrew-shaped buds open to flowers in lovely shades of violet, pink, yellow and cream.
  • This sun-loving plant can be trained to grow on an arbor, trellis, railing or fence, on in a container where the flower clusters will cascade gracefully.
  • Grow where the color and scent can be easily enjoyed.
  • Grows to a height of 15-20' in the South and 4-6' in the North.

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Light Requirement: Full Sun
Special Qualities: Deer Ressistant
Plant Height:
Spacing: 12-36"
Hardy In: 9-10, suitable to 3
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