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Sedum, Dragon's Blood, Sedum spurium 'Fulda Glow' #5800

Sedum, Dragon
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  • Fabulous low growing perennial creates a carpet of rosy red from early to late summer.
  • Semi-evergreen foliage is an attractive bronze red that darkens in the winter.
  • Very cold hardy and holds up extremely well to searing summer temperatures and drought.
  • Requires full sun to bloom best, although it will grow in light shade as well.
  • Will grow and thrive in sandy gravelly soils and around hot difficult areas like sidewalks, driveways and patios.
  • Good soil drainage is very helpful for the plant to thrive.
  • Creates an extremely attractive and useful ground cover on slopes and terraces.

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Light Requirement: Full Sun
Special Qualities: Deer Ressistant Drought Tolerant
Plant Height: 3-4"
Spacing: 12-18"
Hardy In: 3-9
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