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Dahlia Mixture, Pompon, #6343

Dahlia Mixture, Pompon
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 Dahlia Mixture, Pompon (Qty 6)     $24.99    
 Dahlia Mixture, Pompon (Qty 12)     $47.99    

  • Wonderful little globes with whirls of tiny, bright petals!
  • Lots of flowers-up to 25 per clump!
  • Color-balanced mix makes a rainbow of color.
  • Each bag contains at least four varieties.
  • Dig up the clumps after frost; divide and replant next year

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Light Requirement: Full Sun
Special Qualities: Deer Ressistant Cutting
Plant Height: 24-36"
Spacing: 18-24"
Hardy In: 8-10, suitable to 3
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