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Dahlia, Dinnerplate Otto's Thrill, #6376

Dahlia, Dinnerplate Otto
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 Dahlia, Dinnerplate Otto's Thrill (Qty 1) - (REG. $11.99)     $7.99    
 Dahlia, Dinnerplate Otto's Thrill (Qty 3) - (REG. $34.97)     $21.99    

  • Huge, "dinnerplate-size" flowers-up to 12 inches!
  • Holland's biggest pastel dahlia
  • Long-lasting blooms add dazzle to late-season bouquets
  • Buy this item in a collection and SAVE: Dinner Dahlia Collection
  • Top-size clumps sent.

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Light Requirement: Full Sun
Special Qualities: Deer Ressistant Cutting
Plant Height: 36-48"
Spacing: 18-24"
Hardy In: 8-10, suitable to 3
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