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Crocus Mixture, Giant, #6570

Crocus Mixture, Giant
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 Crocus Mixture, Giant (Qty 40) - SHIPS IN FALL (REG. $26.49) SAVE 41%     $16.99    
 Crocus Mixture, Giant (Qty 80) - SHIPS IN FALL (REG. $50.49) SAVE 41%     $31.99    
 Crocus Mixture, Giant (Qty 120) - SHIPS IN FALL (REG. $73.79) SAVE 41%     $46.99    

  • Plant them anywhere - in borders, rock gardens, along a walk or driveway, in groups in our lawn.
  • Get more bulbs for less with this money-saving assortment.
  • Begin spring with huge color show.
  • Mixture includes every hue.
  • Enough to landscape a big lawn area.
  • All prime Dutch "giant" varieties.
  • Blooms early spring.
  • Want more? Try our Giant Crocus Mixture-Estate Quantities
  • for even better values.

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Light Requirement: Full Sun Part Shade Full Shade
Special Qualities:
Plant Height: 4"
Spacing: 2"
Hardy In: 3-8
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