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Paw Paw Tree, Asimina triloba #7187

Paw Paw Tree
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  • An american favorite!
  • This North American native that was originally cultivated by some Indian tribes, provides delicious fruits that taste like a combination of banana, mango and pineapple.
  • Chilled pawpaw was George Washington's favorite dessert and Thomas Jefferson grew them at Monticello.
  • The upright shrubby trees grow best in paritally shaded areas and like moist soil.
  • In the fall, the hanging lance-shaped leaves turn a rusty golden yellow.
  • Two or more of our nursery grown trees are needed for optimal pollination.

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Light Requirement: Part Shade
Special Qualities:
Plant Height: 20-30'
Spacing: 10'
Hardy In: 5-9
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