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SeaGreen Natural Soil Booster, #8161

SeaGreen Natural Soil Booster
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 SeaGreen Natural Soil Booster (Qty 1) - (REG. $10.99)     $9.99    
 SeaGreen Natural Soil Booster (Qty 2) - (REG. $21.49)     $18.99    
 SeaGreen Natural Soil Booster (Qty 3) - (REG. $29.99)     $27.99    

  • Exclusive to Dutch Gardens
  • Our organic soil booster is a special blend of seaweed and natural minerals
  • Nutrient-rich seaweed promotes long-term soil health
  • SeaGreen improves the performance of bulbs, perennials and shrubs by invigorating the soil, and providing essential, slow-release nutrients
  • Incorporate it into the soil at planting time or sprinkle around existing plantings
  • Unlike chemical fertilizers, environmentally friendly SeaGreen will not burn your plants or harm soil life
  • Each bag treats 200 to 400 square feet of garden space

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