spring bulbs

Customer photo by Thy T. Huynh of Vero Beach, Fla. "The gladiolus seems like a combination of lily, orchid, daylily and iris—all rolled into one!"

  • Dahlias—This easy-care flower mixes nicely with perennials and annuals. In addition, there are serveral varieties that can be grown in containers.
  • Gladiolus—This longtime favorite is now available in an amazing array of colors and forms. By planting bulbs every couple weeks, you can ensure plenty of blooms for summer bouquets.
  • Begonias—Begonias are unique in that they have bright flowers, yet they bloom in the shade. They can be grown right in the garden, but will also thrive in pots, planters and windowboxes.
  • Lilies—How to grow them all—from longtime favorites to the newest hybrids. Lilies make great companions for perennials because they can be tucked among other plants to provide color and fragrance after other perennials have finished blooming.
  • Container Gardening with Spring-Planted Bulbs—A comprehensive, how-to guide.
  • Cannas and Calla Lilies—Nothing creates the tropical look like cannas and calla lilies. Their hot colors and lush foliage fit nicely in the summer garden. Calla lilies are well-suited to pots and planters.


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